Village Administrator

The Village Administrator is Brandon Roberts.


  • managing, conducting and controlling the water works and other public utilities, making bylaws and regulations necessary for the safe, economical, and efficient management and protection of plants and public utilities
  • supervising the improvement and repair of streets, alleys, sidewalks, sewers, drains, ditches and streams, as well as the lighting and cleaning of streets, alleys, public places and public buildings
  • appointing those officers, employees, agents, clerks and assistants authorized by the Village Council. All hires must be filed with the Fiscal Officer and approved by the Mayor
  • serving as the central purchasing agent for all offices, departments, divisions, boards, and commissions of the Village; and making contracts, purchasing supplies or materials, and providing labor for any work of the Village in the accordance with the Ohio Revised Code

Contact the Village Administrator

  • Brandon Roberts, Village Administrator
    P.O. Box 278
    11820 Lithopolis Road
    Lithopolis, OH 43136
  • Phone: (614) 837-2031
  • Fax: (614) 837-2722
  • Email the Village Administrator