Resolution 03-22 – Authorizing Participation in the Odot Road Salt Contracts Awarded in 2022

Resolution 02-22 – Approving Participation in the OneOhio Region 18 Governance Structure Under the OneOhio Memorandum of Understanding and Declaring an Emergency

Resolution 01-22 – Accepting the Update of the District Solid waste Management Plan

Resolution 04-21 – Encouraging D.R. Horton to Turnover the Wagnalls Run Homeowners Association to the Residents of Phases 1-5 and create a New Homeowners Association (HoA) for Phases 6-9

Resolution 03-21 – Accepting the Amounts and Rates as determined by the Fairfield Couty Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Cerifying them to County Auditor

Resolution 02-21 – Concerning services to Property proposed for annexation consisting of 15.733 Acrea in Bloom Township to the Village of Lithopolis (Exhibit A) and declaring an Emergency

Resolution 01-21 – Accept the material terms of the One Ohio Subdivision Settlement Pursuant to the Ohio Memorandum of Understanding and Consistent with the terms of the July 21, 2021 National Opioid Settlement Agreement

Resolution 08-20 – Concerning Services To Property Proposed For Annexation Consisting Of 10.155 Acres In Bloom Township To The Village Of Lithopolis (Exhibit A) And Declaring An Emergency

Resolution 07-20 – Accepting The Amounts And Rates As Determined By The Fairfield County Budget Commission And Authorizing The Necessary Tax Levies And Certifying Them To The County Auditor

Resolution 06-20 – Declaring Racism A Public Health Crisis In Lithopolis And Declaring An Emergency