The Mayor is Joe Taylor.


The Mayor’s powers and duties include:

  • serving as the “chief conservator of the peace” within the Village
  • performing all duties as prescribed by the bylaws and ordinances of the Village
  • seeing that all ordinances, bylaws and resolutions of the Village are faithfully obeyed and enforced
  • serving as the President of the Village Council
  • presiding at all regular and special meetings of the Village Council, but having no vote except in the case of a tie
  • supervising the conduct of all of the officers of the Village
  • inquiring into and examining the grounds of all reasonable complaints against any officers
  • appointing the Village Administrator, Chief of Police and Fiscal Officer, subject to the approval by the majority of the Village Council
  • having all other powers and performing all other duties as provided by law

Contact the Mayor

  • Joe Taylor, Mayor
    P.O. Box 278
    11820 Lithopolis Road
    Lithopolis, OH 43136
  • Phone: (614) 837-2031
  • Fax: (614) 837-2722
  • Email the Mayor