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Utility Department

Water, Sewer, Consumer Confidence & More

The Lithopolis Utilities Department is multifaceted, encompassing water safety and billing, lead protection, water and sewer billing, and more.

Water & Sewer Rate Schedule

You can find the the current water and sewer rate schedules below.

In Town Rates

  • Water Rates: $7.73 per thousand gallons of water usage
  • Sewer Rates: $8.82 per thousand gallons of water usage

Credit for Water Not Discharged into Collection System

Please See Article 9,  Section P of Ordinance 13-22

Out of Town Rates

  • Water Rates: $11.21 per thousand gallons of water usage
  • Sewer Rates: $12.79 per thousand gallons of water usage

Trash Rates

  • Residential $21.55
  • Senior $16.75
  • Extra Tote (Trash/Recycling) $8.80
Online Billing

Online Account & Billing

Lithopolis residents can create an online account through SmartBill to receive their water bill via email.

Make Your SmartBill Account

Payments can be made online using the Point and Pay system.

Pay Bill

Residents can also view their water meter for usage and leaks via our new monitoring interface at.

View Meter Usage

Characteristics of Water System

The Village of Lithopolis receives its drinking water from three wells. The wells are located at the water plant and draw water from the underground Walnut Creek aquifer system. The Village has a treatment and storage capacity of 500,000 gallons per day. The Village also has an emergency connection to the City of Canal Winchester water system.

Ground water is inherently hard, and village hardness is generally between 140-180ppm or 8.1-10.5 grains of hardness. You can find a schematic of the water treatment process below.

How Our Water is Treated
  • Watch for Leaks

    Water leaks are wasteful and costly. If your water bills seems high, your first step should be to check your pipes and faucets for water leaks. Even a small leak, no larger than the tip of a pencil, can result in a loss of 36,000 gallons per month.

    How Leaks Affect Water Bills
  • Protect Your Family from Lead

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency offers in-depth information on keeping your family safe from lead in the home. The brochure at the link below goes into detail on important safety measures.

    Learn More Here
  • Consumer Confidence Reports

    In accordance with federal law, the Village prepares an annual report on the quality of our drinking water. You can view the drinking water quality reports for every year going back to 2010 at the link below.

    Water Quality Reports
  • Important Water Service Forms

    New Utility Service Form  Disconnect Utility Form  Tenant Discontinue Service Notice

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