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Emergency Services

What to Know About Our Police & Fire Services

Public safety is a top priority for the Village of Lithopolis. We maintain our own police force, while fire and EMS services are administered through Bloom Township.

Police Department

The Lithopolis Police Department is dedicated to serving the Lithopolis community. Our police enforce traffic laws, respond to calls for service, patrol our neighborhoods, work with citizens to reduce crime and initiate creative policing to ensure residents feel safe.

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Fire Department

All fire and EMS services in the Village of Lithopolis are handled by the Bloom Township Fire Department. The Township has two fire stations operating 24 hours a day to keep residents of the Village, as well as several other municipalities, safe.

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Fairfield County

ALERT - Fairfield County

  • Alert-Fairfield County is an emergency notification system used by city and county public safety organizations throughout the United States to issue government related messages to residents and businesses. The system has the capacity to send thousands of messages via landline, cell phone, TTY, e‐mail, text and fax, all within minutes. Only authorized officials are allowed access to the system.

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