Village of Lithopolis


Village Building, Zoning & Utilities

If you need information on Village services, look no further. You can read below about Lithopolis’ Building & Zoning Department, Mayor’s Court and more.

Mayor's Court

Our Mayor’s Court handles issues related to violations of Village ordinances, as well as traffic and parking violations within the boundaries of the Village. Mayor’s Court is held the second and fourth Monday of each month.

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Income Tax Department

All collection and administration of income tax for the Village is under the authority of the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA). Our Income Tax Department page details the work done by RITA and hosts some of the forms most commonly sought out by Village taxpayers.

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Building & Zoning Department

The Building and Zoning Department is the place to go for all information pertaining to building services, residential and commercial construction, applications, fees, assessments, and more. It’s also the place to look if you’re unsure whether work you want to do on your property will require a permit at all.

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Utility Department

The Lithopolis Utility Department handles everything related to water and sewer in the Village, including important safety information. We have also set up an easy system for online payment of water bills.

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More on Village Operations

To learn more about Village operations, check out our pages on Emergency Services and Village officials.