Ordinance 40-23 An Ordinance Providing For The Purchase Of A Dump Truck With Snow Plow And Salt Spreader Without Competitive Bidding

Ordinance 25-23: An Ordinance Reducing the posted speed limit on Washington Street from 50 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour.

Ordinance 41-23 An Ordinance Giving Consent Of The Village To The Plowing Of Snow Under The Supervision Of The Fairfield County Engineer

Ordinance 26-23: An Ordinance adopting and authorizing an increase in the Village of Lithopolis Income Tax Rate from one percent to one and one-half percent (1% to 1.5%)

Ordinance 42-23 An Ordinance Adopting And Approving The 2024 Appropriations Budget For The Village Of Lithopolis

Ordinance 27-23: An Ordinance adopting and approving the 2024 Tax Budget for the Village of Lithopolis

ORD 01-24 An Ordinance Setting The Rents For Water, Sewer And Stormwater Use From January1, 2024 To December 31, 2024

Ordinance 28-23: An Ordinance Allowing and Regulating the Housing of Animals Usually restricted to the Rural Residential District, in other Zoning Districts within the Village of Lithopolis

ORD 02-24 An Ordinance Modifying The Table Of Organization For The Village Of Lithopolis And Setting The Type And Number Of Paid Employees For The Village And Repealing Ordinance 15-22

Ordinance 22-23 – Vacating part of Plum Alley, north of West North Street and south of the Corporation Line, running generally north to south between Lots 139 and 140